İngilizce Güzel Kelimeler: Kulağa Hoş Gelen, Söylemesi Zevkli, Anlamı Güzel 100 İngilizce Kelime

1. Congratulations:

Tebrikler! Kutlarım

 You say ‘congratulations’ to someone in order to congratulate them on something nice that has happened to them or something good that they have done.

2. Spectacular:

Muhteşem, olağanüstü, göz alıcı, harikulade, gösterişli, şaşırtıcı, dikkat çekici.

Something that is spectacular is very impressive or dramatic.

3. Freedom:


The state of being free; exemption from the power and control of another; liberty; independence.

4. Mellifluous:

Bal gibi tatlı, akıcı ve yumuşak(konusma,ses,müzik vb)

(Of a sound) pleasingly smooth and musical to hear, flowing as with honey.

5. Umbrella:


A shade, screen, or guard, carried in the hand for sheltering the person from the rays of the sun, or from rain or snow.

6. Gorgeous:

Muhteşem, harika, görkemli, göz kamaştırıcı, parlak

If you say that something is gorgeous, you mean that it gives you a lot of pleasure or is very attractive.

7. Absolutely:

Kesinlikle, mutlaka, muhakkak

In an absolute or unconditional manner; utterly, positively, wholly.

8. Pleasure:

Zevk, haz, keyif, memnuniyet

The gratification of the senses or of the mind; agreeable sensations or emotions; the excitement, relish, or happiness produced by the expectation or the enjoyment of something good, delightful, or satisfying; — opposed to pain, sorrow, etc.

9. Fundamental:

Esas, asli, temel ilke, temel, ana

(n) A leading or primary principle, rule, law, or article, which serves as the groundwork of a system; an essential part
(adj) Pertaining to the foundation or basis; serving for the foundation. Essential, as an element, principle, or law; important; original; elementary.

10. Apologize:

Özür dilemek, af dilemek

To make an apology or excuse; to acknowledge some fault or offense, with expression of regret for it, by way of amends.
To express regret that a certain event has occurred.

11. Emergency:

Acil durum, tehlike, acil vaka

Sudden or unexpected appearance; an unforeseen occurrence; a sudden occasion. An unforeseen occurrence or combination of circumstances which calls for immediate action or remedy; pressing necessity; exigency.

12. Jungle:

Orman, karışıklık, cangıl, vahşi hayat

A large, undeveloped, humid forest, especially in a tropical region, that is home to many wild plants and animals. A place of danger or ruthless competition for survival.

13. Especially:

Özellikle, bilhassa

In a special manner; specially. Particularly; to a greater extent than is normal.

14. Butterfly:


A butterfly is an insect with large colourful wings and a thin body.

15. Sensibility:

Hassasiyet, duyarlılık

The ability to experience deep feelings.

16. Desire:

Arzu, istek, şehvet

A strong wish. Strong attraction, particularly romantic or sexual.

17. Vulnerable:

Savunmasız, zedelenebilir, yaralanabilir, kolay incinir.

Someone who is vulnerable is weak and without protection, with the result that they are easily hurt in body or mind.

18. Mesmerizing:


Capturing someone’s complete attention as if by magic.

19. Honor:

Onur, şeref, namus

Recognition of importance or value. Great respect, admiration, great esteem.

Not: Amerikan İngilizcesinde honor olarak kullanılan bu kelime İngiliz İngilizcesinde honour olarak kullanılmaktadır.

20. Urgent:

Acil, ivedi

Requiring immediate attention. If something is urgent it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

21. Tough:

Zorlu, çetin

Strong and resilient; sturdy. Not easily weakened.

22. Negotiation:

Müzakere, uzlaşma, anlaşmaya varma

The process of achieving agreement through discussion.

23. Marvelous:

Fevkalade, harikulade, harika

Exciting great wonder or surprise; astonishing; wonderful. Extraordinary. Extremely good or pleasing; splendid.

Not: Amerikan İngilizcesinde “marvelous” olarak kullanılan bu kelime British İngilizcesinde “marvellous” olarak kullanılmaktadır.

24. Unleash:

Tasmasını çıkarmak, salıvermek, serbest bırakmak.

Release (a dog) from a leash. To let go; to release.

25. Obviously:

Belli ki, açıkçası, besbelli, açık olarak, apaçık

In an obvious or clearly apparent manner. In a way that is easily perceived or understood; clearly.

26. Business:

İş, işyeri, işletme, firma, ticarethane

A specific commercial enterprise or establishment. A person’s occupation, work, or trade. Commercial, industrial, or professional activity.

27. Legendary:

Efsanevi, dillere destan

Of or pertaining to a legend or to legends. Having unimaginable greatness; excellent to such an extent to evoke stories.

28. Number:

Numara, sayı, rakam

A number is a word such as ‘three’, ‘eight’, or ‘eleven’, or a symbol such as 4, 5, or 38. You use numbers to say how many things you are referring to or where something comes in a series.

29. Whisper:

Fısıltı, fısıldamak, kulağına söylemek

The act of speaking in a quiet voice, especially as a result of secrecy. Speak very softly using one’s breath rather than one’s throat. A soft or confidential tone of voice; a whispered word or phrase.

30. Procrastination:

Erteleme, geciktirme, ağırdan alma

The act or habit of procrastinating,postponing, delaying or putting off to a future time

31. Consequence:

Sonuç, netice

That which follows something on which it depends; that which is produced by a cause; a result. A result of actions, especially if such a result is unwanted or unpleasant.

32. Serendipity:

Şans eseri değerli birşeyler keşfetme yeteneği, rastlantı, mutlu tesadüf

An unsought, unintended, and/or unexpected, but fortunate, discovery and/or learning experience that happens by accident.

Kelime etimolojik olarak ele alınırsa, eski bir masala dayanmaktadır. “Serendib’in Üç Şehzadesi” isimli masalda, şehzadelerin maceradan maceraya koşarken sürekli kazara bir şeyler keşfetmeleri ile mutluluğa bir şekilde yol bulmaları anlatılır. Bu masaldan esinlenen Horace Walpole isimli bir İngiliz sanat tarihçisi 1754 yılında bir mektubunda “serendipity” kelimesini bu masaldan esinlenerek türettiğini anlatmış ve literatüre geçmesini sağlamıştır: “Bu keşfimin kendisi bir serendipity ürünü; çok kullanışlı bir sözcük. Nasıl desem bilemiyorum. En iyisi nereden türediğini anlatayım. Saçma bir peri masalı okumuştum, adı ‘serendip’in üç prensi’ idi. Haşmetliler gezdikçe kazayla ya da ferasetleri sonucu, durmadan peşinde olmadıkları şeyleri keşfediyorlardı.”
Serendip ise bildiğimiz Seylan veya modern ismiyle Sri Lanka’dır.

33. Lullaby:


A song to quiet babes or lull them to sleep; that which quiets

34. Casual:
Gündelik, gündelik(giysi), gelişigüzel

Happening by chance. Coming without regularity; occasional or incidental. Designed for informal or everyday use.

35. Ambitious:
Hırslı, hevesli, ihtiraslı

(of a person or their character) having or showing; ambition, a strong desire and determination to succeed.

36. Brilliant:
Parlak, nefis, muhteşem, ışıl ışıl, parlak(keskin) zekalı

(of light or colour) Shining, very bright.
Exceptionally clever, intelligent or talented.
Distinguished by qualities which excite admiration; splendid.
Magnificent or wonderful. Of surpassing excellence.

37. Complication:
Zorluk, karmaşık hale getirme, durumu güçleştiren şey. Komplikasyon

A circumstance that complicates something; a difficulty.
A problem or difficulty that makes a situation harder to deal with.
A medical problem that occurs as a result of another disease.

38. Ridiculous:
Gülünç,saçma, komik

Deserving ridicule; extremely silly or unreasonable; absurd

39. Incredible:
İnanılmaz, akıl almaz, akla hayale gelmez.

Impossible to believe.
Not credible; surpassing belief; too extraordinary and improbable to admit of belief;

40. Schedule:
(i)Plan, program. (f)Planlamak, takvim belirlemek, çalışma saatlerini yazmak.

A plan that gives a list of events or tasks and the times at which each one should happen or be done.

41. Destiny:
Kader, alın yazısı

A person’s destiny is everything that happens during their life, including what will happen in the future.
The force which controls the things that happen to you in your life.

42. Circumstance:
Durum, hal, vaziyet, şart

A fact or condition connected with or relevant to an event or action.
That which attends, or relates to, or in some way affects, a fact or event; an attendant thing or state of things.

43. Unbelievable:
İnanılmaz, akıl almaz.

Not to be believed.
Incredible; so great, extreme or surprising it is almost unable to believe ; extraordinary.

44. Structure:
Yapı, bina, bünye, yapılandırmak

The act of building; the practice of erecting buildings; construction. The structure of something is the way in which it is made, built, or organized.

45. Petrichor:
Yağmurdan sonraki güzel toprak kokusu.

A pleasant smell that is produced when rain falls on parched earth

46. However:
Ancak, bununla birlikte, yine de

Still; nevertheless; on the other hand; yet. In whatever way; regardless of how.

47. Society:
Toplum, cemiyet

Group of people sharing cultural aspects such as language, dress, norms of behavior and artistic forms.

48. Passion:
Tutku, ihtiras

A very strong emotion about something or a strong belief in something. If you have a passion for something, you have a very strong interest in it and like it very much.

49. Enough:
Yeterli, kâfi, yeter!

As much as needed or as much as is necessary.
In a degree or quantity that satisfies; to satisfaction; sufficiently.

50. Awesome:
Korkunç, müthiş, harika

Very impressive and often frightening. Excellent, exciting, remarkable.

51. Counterclockwise:
Saat yönünün tersi

Opposite of clockwise:moving in the opposite direction to the direction in which the hands of a clock move.

52. Qualification:
Vasıf, nitelik, yeterlik

The act or process of qualifying or being eligible for a position, achievement etc.
A condition that must be fulfilled before a right can be acquired; an official requirement.

53. Respect:
Saygı, hürmet, saygı göstermek

An attitude of consideration or high regard. Good opinion, honor, or admiration

54. Whatever:
Her neyse, herhangi, her ne, her türlü

Everything or anything that. No matter what. An unknown or unspecified thing or things.

55. Truth:
Hakikat, doğru, gerçeklik, gerçek

True facts, genuine depiction or statements of reality. The quality or state of being true.
Conformity to fact or reality; correctness, accuracy.

56. Perhaps:
Belki, muhtemelen, bir ihtimal

Used to express uncertainty or possibility.

57. Successful:
Başarılı, başarıya ulaşan şey, muvaffak

Accomplishing a desired aim or result.

58. Appreciate:
Takdir etmek, değer vermek, beğenmek. Değeri artmak

To be grateful or thankful for. Recognize the full worth of. To view as valuable. Understand (a situation) fully; grasp the full implications of.
To increase in value.

59. Comprehensive:
Kapsamlı, geniş kapsamlı, etraflı

Including everything that is needed or relevant. Dealing with all or nearly all elements or aspects of something.

60. Elixir:
İksir, Yaşam iksiri, içenin ömrünü uzatan iksir, bengisu, ab-ı hayat

Liquid that is considered to have magical powers.

61. Furthermore:
Üstelik, ayrıca, bundan başka

Used to denote additional information. In addition; besides; what’s more.

62. Significant:
Dikkate değer, kayda değer, önemli, belirli, anlamlı.

Signifying something; carrying meaning. Sufficiently great or important to be worthy of attention; noteworthy.
Having a noticeable or major effect; notable. Reasonably large in number or amount.

63. Challenge:
Meydan okuma, zorlu iş/görev, zorluk, insanı kamçılayan bir durum.

A confrontation; a dare. Something new and difficult which requires great effort and determination.
A call to someone to participate in a competitive situation or fight to decide who is superior in terms of ability or strength.
A difficult task, especially one that the person making the attempt finds more enjoyable because of that difficulty.

64. Satisfaction:
Memnuniyet, tatmin, hoşnutluk, memnun etme, kanaat.

A fulfillment of a need or desire. Fulfilment of one’s wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure obtained by such fulfillment.

65. Intelligence:
Zeka, zekilik, istihbarat,haber alma.

Capacity of mind, especially to understand principles, truths, facts or meanings. The ability to think, reason, and understand instead of doing things automatically or by instinct.
Information that is gathered by the government or the army about the enemy or about hostile activities.

66. Rhythm:
Ritim, düzenlilik, nabız atışı.

A strong, regular repeated pattern of movement or sound. regular pattern of changes, for example changes in your body, in the seasons, or in the tides.

67. Eternity:
Sonsuzluk, ebediyet, ahiret, ölümsüzlük.

Endless or infinite time. Endless life after death.

68. Mysterious:
Esrarengiz, gizemli

Difficult or impossible to understand, explain, or identify. Strange. Of unknown origin.

69. Ineffable:
Anlatılamaz, tarifi olanaksız, tarife sığmaz. Kelimelerle anlatılamaz.

Beyond expression in words; unspeakable.
Too great or extreme to be described in words.Forbidden to be uttered; taboo.

70. Rainbow:
Gökkuşağı, alkım, ebemkuşağı, eleğimsağma(alaimisema)

An arch of different colors visible in the sky, when it is raining.

71. Smile:
Tebessüm, gülümsemek, gülmek, gülücük

A facial expression comprised by flexing the muscles of both ends of one’s mouth, often showing the front teeth,
without vocalisation, and in humans is a common involuntary or voluntary expression of happiness, pleasure, amusement or anxiety.

72. Sophisticated:
Sofistike, komplike, içerikli, çok yönlü

Having, revealing, or involving a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture and other matters that are considered socially important.
(of a machine, device, system, method or technique) developed to a high degree of complexity.

73. Bombinate:
Vızıltı sesi çıkarmak, vızıldamak, uğuldamak

Buzz; hum. To make a buzzing noise.

74. Love:
Aşk, sevgi, sevmek, aşık olmak

An intense feeling of deep affection, especially towards someone who you are romantically or sexually attracted to.
A great interest and pleasure in something. A person or thing that one loves.

75. Bubble:
Kabarcık, baloncuk

Small balls of air or gas in a liquid or a solidified liquid such as glass.

76. Pumpkin:
Kabak, balkabağı

A large, rounded, orange-yellow vegetable with a thick rind.

77. Sweetheart:
Canım, tatlım, bir tanem

A person loved by another.
Used as a term of endearment or affectionate form of address for a beloved or lovable person.

78. Pathetic:
İçler acısı, acınası, hazin, acıklı.

Arousing pity, sympathy, or compassion. Arousing scornful pity or contempt, often due to miserable inadequacy.

79. Demure:
Sözde mahçup, çekingen.

If you describe someone, usually a young woman, as demure, you mean
they are quite, reserved, modest and shy usually in a way that you like and find appealing, and behave very correctly.

80. Blossom:
Çiçek açmak, çiçeklenmek, ağaç çiçeği

A flower or a mass of flowers that appear especially on a tree or bush before the fruit.
(of a tree or bush) produce flowers or masses of flowers.

81. Sunshine:
Günışığı, güneş ışığı, neşe

The light of the sun, or the place where it shines; the direct rays of the sun, the place where they fall, or the warmth and light which they give.
Geniality or cheerfulness.

82. Enthusiasm:
Heves, coşku, şevk

Intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.
Something in which one is keenly interested.

83. Liberty:
Özgürlük, hürriyet

Freedom to live your life in the way that you want, without interference from other people or the authorities.
The condition of being free from control, restrictions, slavery or forced labour. The condition of being free to act, believe or express oneself as one chooses.
Freedom from excessive government control.

84. Please:
Lütfen, (f) memnun etmek

Used in polite requests or questions.
(v) Cause to feel happy and satisfied.

85. Banana:

A long curved tropical fruit with soft pulpy flesh and yellow skin when ripe.

86. Elegance:
Zarafet, şıklık, zariflik

Grace, refinement, and beauty in movement, appearance, or manners.

87. Entertainment:

An activity designed to give pleasure, enjoyment, diversion, amusement, or relaxation to an audience, no matter whether the audience participates passively as in watching opera or a movie, or actively as in games.

88. Hope:
Umut, ümit, ummak, ümit etmek

The feeling of trust, confidence, belief or expectation that something wished for can or will happen
(v) To want something to happen, with a sense of expectation that it might.

89. Blue:

Of a colour intermediate between green and violet, as of the sky or sea on a sunny day.

90. Sunflower:
Ayçiçeği, günebakan

A tall plant of the daisy family, with very large yellow flowers. Sunflowers are cultivated for their edible seeds, which are an important source of oil for cooking and margarine

91. Ripple:
Hafif dalga, dalgacık, (f) hafifçe dalgalanmak

Ripples are little waves on the surface of water caused by a slight breeze or by something moving in or on the water.
(v) (of water) form or flow with a series of small waves on the surface.

92. Flipflop:
Parmak arası terlik; Yanar döner

Flip-flops are open shoes which are held on your feet by a strap that goes between your toes.
If you say that someone, especially a politician, flip-flops on a decision, you are critical of them because they change their decision, so that they do or think the opposite.

93. Effervescence:
Bir sıvı içindeki baloncuklaşma, feveran, galeyan

Bubbles in a liquid; fizz. Vivacity and enthusiasm.

94. Dignity:
Haysiyet, ağırbaşlılık, itibar, izzet, olgunluk, şeref, vakar, asalet, saygınlık

The state of being worthy or honorable; elevation of mind or character; true worth; excellence. A composed or serious manner or style.

95. Epiphany:
Hristiyanlıkta 6 Ocak’ta kutlanan bir yortu. Görünüş, tezahür, aydınlanma, özellikle Yaratıcı’nın görünüşü/tecellisi.

A Christian festival on the 6th of January which celebrates the arrival of the wise men who came to see Jesus Christ soon after he was born.
A moment of sudden and great revelation or realization.

96. Cozy:
Rahat, sımsıcak, ev gibi, keyifli, samimi, konforlu

Giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.

97. Wonderful:
Şahane, harikulade, harika, olağanüstü, müthiş, çok güzel

Inspiring delight, pleasure, or admiration; extremely good; marvellous.

98. Chocolate:

A sweet hard food in the form of a paste or solid block made from cacao seeds. It is usually brown in colour and is eaten as a sweet.

99. Crocodile:


A large reptile with a long body, strong jaws, short legs and a horny textured skin.

100. Fantastic:

Fantastik, garip, harika, şahane, hayali, olağanüstü

Extraordinarily good or attractive. Imaginative or fanciful; remote from reality.

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